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Al Maarefah International School treats all concerns and complaints very generously and will not penalize a student for making a complaint in good faith.

Anyone with parental responsibility can launch a complaint if they are not satisfied with the service they receive. We aim to solve the concerns and complaints as quickly and effectively as possible.


What you should do? What will happen?
Fix an appointment and discuss the problem with the class teacher and the concern teacher. The aim of this stage is to resolve the concern at source. All staff will hope to be able to resolve the issues. 

The concern staff member will help to ensure you have all relevant details regarding the issue. The complaint and the action taken in response will be recorded.


If initial attempts to resolve the issue are unsuccessful and the person raising the concern remains dissatisfied and wishes to take the matter further, then formal procedures will need to be invoked.



If you are not satisfied with the findings.


Write to the principal stating that you are making a formal complaint. State your compliant and give all relevant details, your name and how you may be contacted.


You should receive an acknowledgement in 5 working days and the response to the issue within 15 working days.


If you are not satisfied with your findings.


Register your complaint in the school website  stating why you are not satisfied with the response and the need for further investigation.

A Panel will be set up for the investigation. The panel will furnish you with its findings within 10 working days.