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The school and home have shared responsibility for developing confidence and discipline in children. Each student should respect the authority of staff members, exhibit the behavior that do not hurt or bother the right of others.

School rules:

  • Students should exhibit high profile general behaviour.
  • Speak and write in a positive, courteous manner in and outside the school.
  • Student should respect elders, teachers, school property and other people's property.
  • Students are expected to express ethical behaviour inside the school building.
  • Chewing gum is not permitted in the school grounds.
  • Dress code should be as prescribed, neat and clean.
  • Students infected by contagious disease are not allowed to attend the school or take examination.
  • No student is allowed to carry "Trolley bags".
  • Students are not permitted to carry cell phones.
  • School timing:
    For Kindergarten: 7.25 A.M - 12.30 A.M
    From Grade 1 to Grade 11: 7.25 A.M - 1.30 P.M

Consequences of negligence:

First offence:

The teacher will redirect the student.

Second offence:

The teacher will report to the discipline committee, the committee will contact the parent regarding the issue.

Third offence:

The parent will have to be present in a meeting scheduled with the discipline committee, Principal, Child's teacher and child. Consequences will be determined by the committee based on severity.

Other Severe offences:

  • Insubordination or defense of authority
  • Fighting- Physical harm to a person or property
  • Profanity, Stealing, lying, cheating by a student
  • Forgery of parent, teacher etc. names or signature
  • Physical, verbal and electronic harassment (bullying, teasing, threats, creation of hostile environment, unnecessary touching)
  • Vandalism (Damaging the property of school or others)
  • Possession of Tobacco, alcohol or drugs of any form or weapon
  • Public nuisance
  • Abusive language
  • Extortion
  • Hazing



Students are responsible for any valuables bought to school. The school management in no circumstance be responsible for jewelry, valuables and money lost inside the school grounds.

Non permissible:

Students are not to bring cell phones, trading cards, toys , radios, audio and video players, headsets, or electronics of any kind to school grounds, Students not following  this guideline will have their possessions held in the school office. Parents will need to visit the school office on completion of the academic year in order to have their possessions returned.