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We amuse the minds of children to discover the peculiar genius in them


Al Maarefah International & Private School, Jizan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia select the applicant using the below criterion:

Score in entrance assessment:

The assessment allows the student to demonstrate his skill and ability and serves as the base selection criterion. The applicant is evaluated by the admission team.


Sibling of children:

The sibling of children already attending Al Maarefah International & Private School are given next priority.
*We do not consider cousins or step brother or sister as sibling.


Chronological order, by the date of registration:

The third criteria is the chronological order of the date of registration. The applicant who register first are served first.

The decision of the admission team is final.

Continuous absence
The school will consider the student as discontinued if he/she is continuously absence of 15 working days without prior notice.The student will have to fulfill the admission procedure to rejoin the class if there exists an opening . Student in the waiting list will be admitted immediately to fill the opening of discontinued student.

Withdrawal of students
Parents should notify at least one week in advance to withdraw his child from the school. Transfer certificate will be issued only on clearance of all the payment dues.