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The basic responsibility for school attendance rests with parents or guardians as compulsory attendance rule requires student to be in school. One of the benchmark for a student to successfully transit from grade to grade is to not miss classes. Student who miss more than 20% of attendance days may not stretch their credential for the next grade.

Full day attendance:

Student arrival prior to 7:30 A.M and departure subsequent to 1:30 P.M are marked with full day attendance.

Half day attendance:

Students arriving after 7: 30 A.M or checking out before 1:30 P.M are marked with half day attendance.


When a student is absent the parent should produce a leave letter to the office. The office will write a permission slip to give to the teacher. If the student do not bring the leave letter he/ she will be marked unexcused absence until the parent intimates the office with the leave letter. Student absence of 3 days or more due to illness will require a note from a certified physician.

Excused absence:

A child who misses working day due to illness, medical appointment, legal reason, religious activity, funeral and emergency are considered as excused absence on producing appropriate evidence.

Continuous absence:

Student absent for 15 working days or more without prior notice will be treated as discontinued student and will have to fulfill  the admission procedure to rejoin the class if there exists an opening . Student in the waiting list will be admitted immediately to fill the opening of discontinued student.

Release of student in working hours:

During the school day, student may not leave the school grounds without consent.

Parent should accompany the student to leave the school during the school day by seeking permission from the concern authority and then sign the permission register. In case of third party accompanying the child other than the parent, authorization notice and telephonic call from the parent is mandatory.